December Update: Turbett Family Ministries

If you're like us, you're flying into this holiday season wondering where the last 3 months went. We realized yesterday that we haven't sent out an update since September! We've been very busy but were shocked to see it's been that long. So here's what we've been up to... In November we stepped in as interim youth pastors for Anchor Youth in the church where we are currently serving, World Outreach Christian Centre. Brad and Amy Beebe have been holding those ropes for the last 4 years and have an amazing group of teens. We stepped in just before the birth of their newest addition, a baby girl... Aibhlín Joy. We're so excited to serve in Anchor and see where the Lord leads.

We are still standing for our 40@100 supporters. Living in Europe has an interesting set of challenges in the financial realm. Most people don't understand exchange rates (we definitely didn't before moving here!) and how they effect the cost of living for missionaries abroad. Today the Euro to Dollar exchange rate is 1 Euro = $1.18 meaning for every $1 our supporters send we actually receive $.85. This fluctuates daily. This month our rent, which is 1200 Euro, cost us $1425 after exchange rate and bank fees. Budgeting can be very tricky and we have to live 100% in faith daily trusting God to meet our needs. We need 20 more partners to reach our desired $4000 support level and are believing God to increase finances in the people who have a desire to support us and help move the gospel in Ireland. Here's a few expenses coming up outside our normal living needs: Immigration request for us to pay for 1 year of health insurance upfront rather than monthly like we have been: Remaining 508Euro (for this coverage year) + 1400 Euro = approx. $2000 Visa fees for 3: $1800 (Visa laws have changed due to Brexit and we will have to pay for Ashlyn's visa along with ours, Peyton doesn't have a fee) Irish Driver's license: $500 for Dave, $500 for LeighAnn We appreciate all of our supporters so much. To say "we couldn't do it without you" really doesn't even begin to reach the depth of how true that statement is. Your personal notes to us of encouragement mean so much. When you tell us you're praying for us it strengthens us. When we receive your financial support it helps us focus on the many tasks we have facing us. The spiritual oppression here can be a bit overwhelming at times but knowing you're standing with us, holding the ropes, pushes us forward. Our prayer needs right now are for strength to stand and persevere in the assignment the Lord has given us; we desperately need favor with the Irish Immigration to grant us our permission to stay as missionaries; wisdom in leading the youth group for this season; and an increase in our monthly support. Thanks so much for your prayers, love, and support. We hope to see you all some time in 2018. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dave, Leigh Ann, Ashlyn & Peyton

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